Ultrasonic Cleaner

Technological solutions for ultrasonic cleaning

SOLTEC designs and produces ultrasonic cleaners and detergents for professional use for all areas in which you need to achieve high standards of cleanliness in less time: chemical industry, electronics, pharmaceutical, dental, hospital medical, military and aerospace. Based on the use of ultrasonic energy, accompanied to the phenomenon of cavitation, ultrasonic cleaning is in fact the most effective method for deep cleaning of parts are difficult to reach or of objects of various shapes and complex (mechanical parts, gears, molds, mechanical Precision). 
Our complete production is composed of:

There are also complementary products to our systems of SONICA ultrasound cleaning. 
In particular systems are available hot air drying, filtration systems of cleaning solutions, tanks Dewatering for rapid drying and to protect against oxidation of machine parts, oil separators and small production facilities deionized water. 
Since 1994 we also produce a series of special detergents for professional ultrasonic cleaning.

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