• Cliniklav 25

Flexible use, fast cycles and low energy consumption, with high reliability are most significant for the demanding requirements for sterilizers in private practices carrying out operations.

Cliniklav 25 combines a very large interior space with extremely compact external dimensions and can be delivered as a desk top device, but also with a practical floor unit.

The decision on a quality autoclave requires safe planning for a trouble-free process of the operating program. Postponement of interventions should be avoided at all costs.

The Cliniklav 25 has proved its reliability for many years in hundreds of practices and hospitals across the world.

The Cliniklav 25 works with a fractional pre-vacuum, complying with EN 285 and is thus validated.
Up to 15 kg of instruments can be sterilized, wrapped or unwrapped, but also up to 7 kg of textiles or other porous goods.

Used in dental practices and in dental practices and maxillofacial surgery, the Cliniklav 25 offers optional space for up to 36 standard trays or 18 tray cassettes.

With small loads, two fast programs allow shortest cycle times from 14 minutes including pre-vacuum.

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Cliniklav 25

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